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"popcrush" : Shakira Releases Salsa Version of 'Chantaje (feat. Maluma)' as a Birthday Present

Happy birthday, Shakira! Subscribe to PopCrush onSubscribe to PopCrush onMaluma's Hottest Instagrams:Next: Shakira and Maluma Shoot Straight to No. version of "Chantaje" with irresponsibly attractive Colombian reggaeton superstar Maluma, a global smash that's even managed to climb to No. Subscribe to PopCrush onToday (Feb. 2) is Shakira's 40th birthday, so before you do anything, please wish the Fijación Oral icon a very happy birthday on her socials. Now that you've done that, listen to this: the salsa (!!!)

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Shakira Drops A Salsa Version Of "Chantaje"

Shakira Drops A Salsa Version Of
35 Shirtless Pics Of Maluma Maluma is pop's new heartthrob. While this version is destined to find its niche, "Chantaje" is a chart-conquering phenomenon. MORE >>Shakira turns 40 today (February 2). That's nothing compared to the popularity of the video, which has been watched a whopping 578 million times on YouTube. She hasn't aged a day since the release of "Whenever Wherever" and is still the reigning queen of Latin-pop.

Shakira Celebrates Birthday With Release of Salsa Version of "Chantaje"

Shakira Celebrates Birthday With Release of Salsa Version of
The superstar released a salsa version of her hit song "Chantaje," featuring fellow Colombian performer Maluma. Shakira herself posted a clip of the video to her Instagram with the caption "Hope you guys enjoy Chantaje Salsa with Chelito De Castro on the piano!" How did Colombian singing sensation Shakira celebrate her 40th birthday on Thursday? Shakira facebook shares her birthday with her husband, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, who turned 30 on Thursday. Fundacion PiesDescalzos, founded by Shakira at age 18 along with UNICEF, for which Shakira is a Goodwill Ambassador also wished her a happy birthday on Twitter.

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