Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Create a Campaign With FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT

FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT Share Like a Human one of the most effective programs for free advertising on Facebook  lets see  How To Create a Campaign With  FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT

-         Click to homepage
home copy.jpg
then campaigns
Campaigns copy.jpg
-         Click on add new campaign
Add campaigns copy.jpg
-         write your campaign title in
-         Write your post here
-         For adding or deleting a post  click on
edit campaign copy.jpg
insert copy.jpg
delete copy.jpg
-         To save your post click on save
save copy.jpg
-         For deleting a campaign click on
edit campaign copy.jpg
delete campain copy.jpg
-         For undoing step click on
undo copy.jpg

 for more details visit FACEBOOK AUTOPILOT site

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